The Partners for Amtrak Safety and Security program assists Amtrak Police in protecting America's Railroad by encouraging passengers and community members to be on the alert for potential security or safety problems.

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Report Suspicious Activity

Report suspicious or unusual activity immediately by calling the Amtrak Police National Communication Center at (800) 331-0008 or by dialing 911. Do not take any further action!

redphone 1-800-331-0008

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Help maintain a safe rail network by joining the Partners for Amtrak Safety and Security program. Amtrak Police need your assistance as an extra set of eyes and ears. Register today and help protect America's Railroad.

What's New

    While we are focused on enhancing passenger security every day, we also need your assistance. Now, more than ever before your awareness and reporting of suspicious events or people could be critical in protecting the passenger railroad.

    The Partners for Amtrak Safety and Security program is based on the neighborhood watch philosophy. People instantly recognize when something is unusual in areas they are familiar with.

    Assist police officers by reporting anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Find out what is considered out of the ordinary.

    Learn more about public and restricted areas and be prepared by having the proper information before reporting suspicious activity or crime.

    What should you do if your purse or pocket is picked while traveling? What should you do if you are being followed? Check our helpful tips for travelers.

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